Åland, the captivating archipelago nestled between Finland and Sweden, has many gems. One such gem is the island municipality of Kökar, which lies towards the south-eastern edge of this enchanting archipelago. With an area spanning approximately 63.79 square kilometers, however, the population boasts mostly centralized in Karlby, the center of the municipality.

The name “Kökar” has remained unchanged throughout history. The municipality’s coat of arms is symbolized by a fish with red fins. This emblem not only speaks of the island’s vibrant biodiversity but also emphasizes the importance of fishing.


The island has a long history. Kökar once had an early medieval Franciscan monastery during the 16th century. The ruins of St. Anna’s church and the Franciscan monastery still stand today and bear witness to a bygone era. These ruins have been the subject of much archaeological interest and are popular attractions for locals and tourists alike.

Don’t miss Kökar’s museum in Österbygge. The museum offers a deep dive into the island’s history, everything from prehistoric times to modern times. One can marvel at ancient artefacts, learn about the everyday life of the Kökarborns through history and even catch a glimpse of the island’s lively traditions and customs.

When exploring Kökar, you will surely be captivated by its lush landscape and pristine natural beauty. There are several hiking trails on the island that take visitors through the island’s fascinating terrain and offer stunning views of the Baltic Sea. Nature enthusiasts and bird watchers will call the island a paradise, as it teems with diverse flora and fauna.


Image from KökarFor those with a penchant for adventure, the beaches and cliffs offer a tranquil spot for relaxation, while the surrounding waters are perfect for kayaking and other water sports. Many islets and skerries beckon to be explored, making island hopping a popular activity.

On the culinary front, Kökar has a delicious selection – the famous Kökarknacket. Made from a traditional recipe passed down through generations, this bread is a delightful amalgamation of flour, malt and a hint of sweetness. It’s not just a bread; It is an experience of the island’s rich culinary heritage.

Kökar’s main language is Swedish, which corresponds to the majority of Åland. Although small in number, the people have retained a strong cultural and linguistic connection to their Swedish roots, while ethnically they largely identify with Finnish heritage.

Kitchens, despite their modest size, promise an experience unlike any other. Whether you’re a history buff looking to explore ancient ruins, a nature lover eager to cross paths, or someone who just wants to bask in the tranquility of the archipelago, Kökar welcomes you with open arms. Kökar is an island of timeless charm that ensures every visitor leaves with memories etched in their hearts.



Kökars Municipal coat of arms