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Welcome to Åland Online
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Åland Online was founded in 2004 with a clear and simple vision: to celebrate and promote Åland’s business life, unique culture, history and identity. Ever since then, our platform has been a bridge that connects Åland companies, associations and organizations with both residents and visitors from all corners of the world.

We are proud to be a privately owned website, driven by a burning passion for everything that Åland represents. Our heart beats for Åland’s rich history, its lively culture and its wonderful people. This love is reflected in every detail of our website, from the companies, associations and organizations we feature to the in-depth articles on Åland traditions and historical events.

But Åland Online is not just a website – it’s an experience. For us, it’s not just about presenting the obvious. We strive to give our visitors something extra; that little added value. Through our unique network of contacts, both among residents and visitors, we’ve been able to discover and share “hidden gems” – those special places, stories and experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

We invite you to dive deep into the heart and soul of Åland, to discover its beauty and magic through our pages. Whether you are a proud Ålander, a curious visitor or someone who is just interested in getting to know this amazing place a little better, there is something for everyone at Åland Online.

Thank you for choosing Åland Online as your guide. Together we explore, appreciate and celebrate the best that Åland has to offer.

With love from Åland,
Åland Online Team.

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