Åland: Exclusive Pearl of the Baltic Sea

Åland, located between Sweden and Finland, is a self-governing region that belongs to Finland. Despite its small area, Åland is home to a total of 16 municipalities, each of which has its own unique character. This archipelago idyll is not only known for its rolling landscapes and maritime heritage, but also for its distinct culture and traditions. One of these uniques is the deep-rooted culture of local production and craftsmanship, which is reflected in everything from traditional dishes to handmade works of art. This combination of nature and culture makes Åland a destination worth experiencing in its entirety.
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Mariehamn is Åland’s only city, serving as the region’s administrative and commercial center. The city is also known for its rich maritime history, which is evident in its museum and the well-preserved sailing ship Pommern.


Brändö is located in the north-eastern part of the Åland archipelago and consists of over 1,200 islands and skerries. Here you will find a combination of deep forest and open lake, which provides a varied landscape and several opportunities for outdoor activities.


Located in the western part of the fascinating Åland archipelago, one finds the municipality of Eckerö, a scenic and historically rich place that residents and visitors have loved for centuries. Eckerö lies between Sweden and Finland and is the westernmost municipality on Åland.


Bordering Mariehamn, Jomala is the most populous municipality outside the city. It is famous for its beautiful medieval church and offers a mix of urban and rural atmosphere.


Located in the heart of Åland, Finström has a rich history. Godby, one of the most important towns in the municipality, serves as an important commercial center for the hinterland.


South of Mariehamn, Lemland is known for its picturesque landscapes and coastline. It offers many opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking and boating.


Föglö is located south of Mariehamn and is a group of islands with dense forest and bays. Here there are historic buildings and memorials that bear witness to the development of life in the archipelago through the ages.


Geta is located in the northern part of Åland and is known for its beautiful landscape. The terrain is hilly and offers Åland’s highest peak, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy outstanding view of the archipelago.


This municipality, located west of Finström, offers both beautiful nature and a glimpse of Åland’s history, with old churches and historical sites.


Kumlinge is located in the middle of the Åland archipelago and has a rich history, with old churches and Stone Age settlements. It is also known for its beautiful nature and hospitable inhabitants.


Farthest south in the Åland archipelago is Kökar, with its rugged nature and fascinating historical sites, including the famous Franciscan monastery from the 15th century.


Saltvik, located in the northern part of Åland, has a rich Viking history. Kvarnbo, a place in the municipality, was an important trading place during the Viking Age.


Sottunga Municipality is the smallest municipality in Åland in terms of population. It is known for its peaceful atmosphere, beautiful views and friendly residents. It is a perfect place for those looking for peace and quiet in a pristine archipelago environment.


Sund is known for its impressive castle, Kastelholm, which has its roots in the Middle Ages. It is a popular tourist attraction that provides insight into the region’s history.


Vårdö Municipality is located east of Mariehamn and consists of many small islands and skerries. With its traditional red wooden houses and rich fishing tradition, Vårdö offers a genuine archipelago feel. Ferries run regularly between the various islands, making it easy for visitors to explore the area.

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Åland’s municipalities offer a varied experience for both residents and visitors, from the vibrant life in Mariehamn to the calm archipelago atmosphere of the smaller islands. Regardless of whether you are interested in history, nature or culture, there is something for everyone on Åland.