Sottunga – Åland’s Undiscovered Jewel

Nestled in the unique Åland Archipelago lies Sottunga, an incredible fusion of wild nature, rich cultural heritage and a history that whispers through the tide. This jewel, immersed deep in the heart of the archipelago, appears as an oasis of calm and beauty, a place where every breath is filled with the magic of the archipelago.

Geography and Demography

Sottunga, which covers only around 28 square kilometers, is the smallest municipality on Åland and offers a breathtaking mix of archipelago scenery. With a population of approximately 100 inhabitants, Sottunga is characterized by its intimacy, community and a feeling of having found a hidden treasure. Every part of this small island carries timeless memories and traces of past generations.

Language and Culture

Swedish is spoken on Sottunga, and the cultural wealth stems from centuries of life in the archipelago. The sea, which has always been present, has shaped the islands’ identity, traditions and legends. Songs, stories and traditions that reflect the relationship between man and sea are an integral part of Sottunga’s heritage.


Despite its modest size, Sottunga has a rich history. It has been a natural meeting point for seafarers and traders. Old buildings, churches and monuments bear witness to the everyday life and heroism of earlier times, while the local people’s stories fill in the images of a bygone era.

Tourism and Attractions

Sottunga’s undisturbed environment is an invitation to anyone who wants a break from busy life. Beautiful beaches, winding hiking trails and the quiet, gloomy forest provide a chance for reflection and relaxation. Sottunga Church, with its historic reputation, offers an insight into the region’s spiritual roots, while the marina illustrates the island as a melting pot of old traditions and contemporary life.

Welcome to Sottunga

Sottunga is part of Åland’s rich archipelago scene, but with its unique charm and character. With its pristine landscapes, deep roots and friendly souls, Sottunga offers an experience as memorable as time itself. With its pristine landscapes, deep roots and friendly souls, Sottunga offers an experience as memorable as time itself.
Welcome to an island where every second has its own story.

Sottunga Municipal coat of arms

Sottunga Municipal coat of arms

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