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Björn Pettersson

Björn Pettersson

Founder and owner

On a daily basis, I work as an IT & Service manager, but my heart has always had a special place for Åland. Since I was a child, I have had a strong connection to the island through my family, and every holiday and vacation during my upbringing was spent there. These memories and experiences from Åland led me to found Åland Online.

What started as a hobby project has grown over the years, but I still consider Åland Online my personal leisure project. Through this web portal, I have been given the opportunity to share my love for Åland and contribute to the community. My technical skill combined with my passion for the island has made Åland Online an important resource for many.

Nina Grankvist

Nina Grankvist

Photographer and writer

With an eye for detail and a natural ability to capture the moment, Nina is not only a talented photographer but also an extraordinary administrator. Her service-oriented attitude, combined with a constantly happy mood, makes her indispensable in all the projects she participates in.

On a daily basis, Nina is deeply involved in research, where her sharp mind and accuracy come into their own. But when the working day is over, she finds joy and relaxation in contributing to Åland Online. What started as a hobby has now become a passion, and Nina sees it as an opportunity to combine her administrative talents with her love for photography.

Nina’s work is characterized by a rare combination of creativity and structure, which means that she succeeds in everything she undertakes.

Our Shared History

Over 20 years ago, our paths crossed at work, where we quickly discovered a shared passion and outlook on working life. Over time, not only did our relationship grow on a personal level, but also professionally.

When I first started the company, the vision was clear, but as with all visions, it takes the right people to make them come true. This is where my wife Nina, with her skill and intuition, naturally became part of the company’s journey. She completed the areas I lacked and together we created a strong foundation for our business.

Interweaving our professional roles with our personal lives has taught us a lot about collaboration, understanding and patience. What started as two colleagues at a workplace has blossomed into a partnership where together we run a successful company, built on common values, commitment and a deep belief that together we are stronger.

Over the years, our shared history has become the core of the company’s culture, and we look forward to continuing our journey together with all of you who will be part of our future.

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