Åland Online is passionate about being an outstanding platform that offers a fresh and objective perspective for both large and small companies, associations and organizations that want to strengthen their brand in the local community and abroad. Our approach is centered around fostering a deep connection with the local business life, cultural life and community organizations while respecting the historical context of the islands. We are convinced that, by building friendly, supportive relationships and functions, we are one of the success factors in promoting development on Åland.

Åland Online is a comprehensive platform that aims to showcase and promote local businesses’ unique offers on Åland. Our business concept is centered around creating an engaging and informative online presence for the Åland community, where both locals and visitors can discover the hidden gems, cultural events and historical landmarks of this beautiful archipelago.

Key Functions

One of our key features is creating detailed business profiles that highlight the offerings, unique selling points and customer testimonials of each local business. We also collaborate with local entrepreneurs to conduct interviews, which gives our visitors an insight into the business environment and culture on Åland.

In addition, we provide insider tips and guides for different categories, such as the unbeatable restaurants, outdoor activities or historical sites on Åland, which are presented by our team and in collaboration with local people and or local businesses.

We also cover local events, festivals and cultural activities, giving our visitors an authentic insight into Åland’s vibrant community life. We encourage user-generated content, which adds a personal touch to our platform, and we also partner with local influencers, photographers or bloggers to create exclusive content or host events, workshops or webinars.


To promote a sense of community pride, we highlight local nonprofits, charities or community initiatives through our content. In addition, we offer unique goods that celebrate Åland’s culture, landmarks or history through our online store: alandsbutiken.com.

Finally, we use social media for real-time updates and engagement, keeping our audience informed of new businesses, events or merchandise. We use Instagram, Facebook and other channels to share real-time updates or behind-the-scenes content that gives our visitors a sense of immediacy and connection.


Our mission is to build a strong online presence for local businesses and create a sense of community and pride in Åland together with our visitors.