Discover the Åland Islands

A fairytale archipelago awaits your adventure

Located between Sweden and Finland, Åland and its archipelago is a pearl in the Baltic Sea, waiting to be discovered. With its rich heritage, magnificent nature and a mix of old and new, Åland offers an experience like no other.

The beauty of nature

From the rocky terrain to lush green fields, beaches with golden sand and mirror-like waters, Åland invites you to lose yourself in nature’s embrace. The largest island, Fasta Åland, is home to Mariehamn – a charming harbor town with a rich maritime history. The view from Orrdalsklint, the archipelago’s highest point, is a scenic dream waiting to be experienced.

A journey through time

With traces from the Bronze and Iron Ages, mysterious Viking graves and stately medieval granite churches, every step on Åland is like a walk through the ages. The state-of-the-art maritime museum in Mariehamn offers stories of heroic sea voyages and the archipelago’s rich maritime heritage.

Taste Åland

Beyond history and nature, Åland offers gastronomic adventures. The fertile fields provide the harvest for local delicacies – everything from fresh apples and pears to delicious breads baked with locally grown grain.

Your next adventure

With modern transport links, Åland is an easily accessible treasure, whether you’re traveling from Finland, Sweden or further afield. And once you’re here, the warm hospitality of the Swedish-speaking Ålanders will make you feel right at home.

So why wait? Åland is waiting to share its secrets, adventure and beauty with you. Plan your trip now and experience an archipelago like no other.

Åland's Country Coat of ArmsÅland’s Country Coat of Arms