Brändö – The Hidden Pearl of the Archipelago

In the middle of the vast archipelago of Åland, Brändö reveals itself, an enchanting island group that combines untamed nature, cultural depth and historical echo. This jewel of the archipelago offers an insight into authentic archipelago life, where the rhythms of nature prevail and time seems to have its own, calmer pace.

Geography and Demography

Brändö, with its roughly 1,200 square kilometers, is a complex collection of over 1,200 islands and skerries, creating a breathtaking mosaic of land and sea. With a population of just over 400 inhabitants, the community is strong, and local life is characterized by tradition, harmony and a close relationship with nature.

Language and Culture

At Brändö, they speak Swedish, a testament to its cultural heritage and belonging to the Swedish-speaking part of Finland. The sea, just like in many other parts of the archipelago, has deeply influenced the culture, from fishing methods to local legends. The cultural pride is reflected in Brändö’s coat of arms: on the lower part of the shield, a red fish on a white background and on the upper part a seabird in white on a red background.


Brändö, with its rich archipelago history, has been an important place for shipping, fishing and trade throughout the centuries. Old boathouses and wooden houses show a time when these islands were a central part of archipelago life, where every village and every island had its own story to tell.

Tourism and Attractions

For those looking for peace and quiet, Brändö is a perfect destination. With its pristine cliffs, clear waters and silent forests, it is a haven for the soul. The archipelago sea, with its clear waters, is a favorite among divers and fishermen. The North Sea, with its clear waters, is a favorite among divers and fishermen.

Welcome to Brändö

Brändö is more than just an island in the Åland archipelago. It is a place where the wonders of the sea combine with local charm, where old traditions coexist with modern comfort. Thanks to its rich history, magnificent nature and welcoming inhabitants, Brändö offers a unique experience that is ready to be explored. Welcome to Brändö – where every island and every bay has its own unique story to offer.


Brändö Municipal coat of arms

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