The harvest festival on Åland


If you are looking for a unique cultural experience in northern Europe, then Åland – with its dazzling archipelago and lush farmland – is your next destination. Known for its enchanting beauty and rich history, Åland hosts the Harvest Festival, an iconic event that attracts both residents and tourists from around the world.

Go Deeper in Åland’s Culinary World

Every year, Åland is transformed into a party place where the Harvest Festival takes center stage. For those interested in food, the festival offers a chance to dive into Åland’s rich culinary heritage. Local producers showcase their freshest vegetables, fruit, handmade jams, delicious cheeses, and traditionally baked breads. By shopping directly from the producers, the visitor gets to feel the pulse of the genuine Åland food culture.

Experience Traditional Crafts and Culture

The harvest festival is not only a feast for the taste buds. It is also a showcase for Åland’s cultural riches. Visitors are offered an insight into the region’s traditional crafts, from handwoven textiles to detailed wood carvings. It is a chance to both appreciate and acquire pieces of Åland’s cultural heritage.

Children’s Paradise during the Harvest Festival

For families, the Harvest Festival turns into an unforgettable treasure hunt, filled with adventure and discovery. From creative craft corners, where children can explore their artistic side, to charming farm visits where they can meet and get to know the farm animals – every activity is designed to enchant and engage. And with so many experiences to explore, a smile on every child’s face is more than just guaranteed – it’s inevitable!

Celebrate the Evening with Åland’s Best Flavors and Tones

When the day turns to evening, it’s time for festivities with Åland food delicacies and local music performances. This magical atmosphere that the participating restaurants offer during the Harvest Festival is something that every visitor carries with them for a long time.

Your Next Adventure – The Harvest Festival on Åland

If your next trip is about authentic food, cultural experiences or just a unique adventure, then the Harvest Festival is waiting for you. Åland welcomes every visitor with open arms to this party that celebrates both culture and nature’s gifts. Experience the magic for yourself!

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The harvest festival